Celebrating 20 years at Honeybuns!

Huge congratulations go to our Director of Care, Alison who has recently celebrated 20 years service with Honeybuns Nurseries. Alison has been the driving force behind the Nurseries and we’re so proud of what she has achieved over the last 20 years. Our nurseries are the success they are, due to her hard work, commitment and above all passion for providing the very best in childcare.

Shortly after joining Honeybuns in 1995, Alison had her daughter Faye, who came to work with her at 11 weeks old. As a new Mum, she recognised how important it was for every child to receive the best possible care, and has always held this in mind when caring for other people’s children. Her daughter is now nearly 19 and starting University in October. Alison said: “Honeybuns was so important in Faye’s life and it laid the foundations for her future. I am feeling very old today, but exceptionally proud. It has been an amazing 20 years and I have had, and continue to have, a fantastic team around me to make Honeybuns the success it is today. Most importantly, I’ve had the privilege of looking after and caring for many children over the years and to see them happy and healthy each day makes my job worthwhile. I will continue to ensure that Honeybuns is the best in the business.”

Here’s to another 20 years Alison!