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Private Viewings

Private viewings are available for parents after 6pm weekdays, please contact your local nursery for available times

Latest News

We are pleased to say we are opening on Monday. Check out our Social Media sites for regular updates and see our Parent Information page for all Policies & Procedures under the Covid 19 rules.

Nursery News Update

Covid-19 Update relating to the Nursery

We have had several parents enquiring about the impacts on any potential closures across the nurseries.  At this moment in time we are being led by the Government’s advice, and as everyone is aware, this can change on a day to day basis. 

We want to ensure you that we believe we have the correct procedures in place for all types of scenarios that we can foresee.  It goes without saying all our staff are professional in their approach to keep the children safe. 

At present the Nursery remains open and its ‘business as usual’ and we hope it stays that way, though of course we are monitoring things. 

We understand everyone is concerned and as and when there are changes, we will inform you.

Anthony Reeley

CEO – Honeybuns Nursery Group

Save the date.. 28th March

Please join us for our annual sponsored walk for Action Medical Research, Saturday 28th March. More information to follow.

Infection Control Update

We are aware of recent heightened concerns in the local community regards the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), and would like to make you aware of what we are doing in order to minimise the potential risk to you, your children and our staff. It is sensible for us all to make ourselves aware of the symptoms and remain vigilant at all times

We take our Health, Safety and Infection Control very seriously. We have appropriate, specialist cleaning products and routines for staff and visitors. It is sensible for us all to make ourselves aware of the symptoms published by the NHS and remain vigilant. We ask if you are unwell or have concerns about potentially being infected by any disease/virus, then please reframe from visiting the Nurseries. If you have any concerns please visit the Government site:

Thank you for your support.