From Pen Licences to ‘Star of the Week’

Our ‘Class of 2017’ are really doing us proud! From one little ‘Honeybuns’ boy being the first person in his class to get a pen licence to another ‘Honeybuns’ boy getting ‘Star of the Week’ for being a wonderful role model and so helpful…plus we’ve been privileged to see on our Facebook page lots of happy faces at school.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback over the last month from your school starters; our team really appreciate hearing from you.

As a small nursery group, word of mouth and online reviews are really important to us. They not only provide us with information to continuously improve, but they also help us to promote Honeybuns to other parents.
So, if you have a spare moment to provide an online review on, we would be extremely grateful.

For Stafford, simply, go to…/50002520HONA and click on the ‘Review Us’ tab

For Norton Canes, simply go to…/50002520HONC and click on the ‘Review Us’ tab

For Telford, simply go to…/50002518ERCA and click on the ‘Review Us’ tab

Once again, thank you for your continued support.